Graduate Audition

Below are the audition requirements and suggested pieces/books for each percussion instrument. Original copies and/or books must be used at the audition. Please bring all necessary sticks and mallets and an A tuning fork.

Snare Drum

Applicants for the MM and DMA programs should prepare one snare drum solo or etude in concert style and one snare drum solo or etude in rudimental style. Suggestions for repertoire include

  • Delecluse, Twelve Etudes for Snare Drum
                       Keiskleriana, vol. 1
  • Masson, Prim
  • Tompkins, French American Rudimental Solos

The applicant should also prepare 3-5 common orchestral excerpts for snare drum (eg. Scheherazade, Lt. Kije, Shostakovich 10, Capriccio Espagnol, etc.).

Keyboard Percussion

The applicant should prepare one substantial keyboard solo. Suggestions for repertoire include

  • Sueyoshi, Mirage
  • Schwanter, Velocities
  • Reynolds, Autumn Island
  • Vinao, Khan Variations
  • O’Brien, Rhyme and Reason
  • Thomas, Merlin
  • Mackey, See Ya Thursday 

The applicant should also prepare at least two excerpts each for glockenspiel and xylophone (e.g., Porgy and Bess, Colas Breugnon, Hary Janos Suite, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Pines of Rome, Magic Flute, etc.).


The applicant should prepare one substantial solo or several short etudes for timpani. Suggestions include

  • Hochrainer, Etudes for Timpani, book 1
  • Igelsrud, Soundings
  • Carter, Saeta, Improvisation, Canaries, March

The applicant should also prepare 3-5 common excerpts illustrating the range of historical repertoire for timpani (eg. Mozart 39, Beethoven 1, 5, or 9, Brahms 1, Tchaikovsky 4, Symphonic Metamorphosis, etc.)

Multiple Percussion

Though it is not required, the applicant is STRONGLY encouraged to prepare a multiple-percussion solo from the following list. The student should contact the Percussion Area Coordinator during the month of December to ensure instrument availability, and may substitute another work with his permission. Suggestions include

  • Xenakis, Rebonds, Psappha
  • Volans, She Who Sleeps with a Small Blanket, Asanga


Potential jazz majors and others with experience are encouraged to demonstrate different grooves (eg. jazz, rock, Latin), but drumset is not required for concert-style performers.

The applicant may be asked to sight-read on any instrument. Students must bring music, mallets, and a tuning fork.