Below are the audition requirements and suggested pieces/books for each percussion instrument. Original copies and/or books must be used at the audition. Please bring all necessary sticks and mallets and an A tuning fork.

Snare Drum

The applicant should prepare one snare drum solo or etude in concert style. Suggestions for repertoire include:

  • Peters, Intermediate Snare Drum Studies
                  Advanced Snare Drum Studies

  • Cirone, Portraits in Rhythm

  • Goldenberg, Modern School for Snare Drum

  • Delecluse, Twelve Etudes for Snare Drum

A rudimental solo is encouraged but not required. Suggestions include:

  • Wilcoxon, Modern Rudimental Swing Solos
  • Solos by Pratt, Hurley, Markovich, Wooten, etc.

Keyboard Percussion

The applicant should prepare one two-mallet and one four-mallet keyboard percussion solo. Suggestions include:


  • Green, Rags, eg. Valse Brilliante 


  • Bach, Cello Suites                              
  • Smadbeck, Rhythm Song                            
  • Klatzow, Song for Stephanie                     
  • Miyoshi, Conversation
  • Abe, Michi
             Dream of the Cherry Blossoms


The applicant should prepare one solo or several short etudes for timpani. Suggestions include:

Hochrainer, Etudes for Timpani, book 1

Goodman, Modern Method for Tympani, roll and muffling etudes

Friese, Friese/Lepak Timpani Method, tuning etudes

Igelsrud, Soundings

Carter, Saeta                       


Potential jazz majors and others with experience are encouraged to demonstrate different grooves (eg. jazz, rock, Latin), but drumset is not required for concert-style performers.

The applicant may be asked to sight-read on any instrument. Students must bring all music, mallets, and a tuning fork to the audition.