Undergraduate Audition

Below are the audition requirements and suggested pieces/books for each percussion instrument. Original copies and/or books must be used at the audition. Please bring all necessary sticks and mallets and an A tuning fork.

Snare Drum

The applicant should prepare one snare drum solo or etude in concert style. Suggestions for repertoire include:

  • Peters, Intermediate Snare Drum Studies
                  Advanced Snare Drum Studies
  • Cirone, Portraits in Rhythm
  • Goldenberg, Modern School for Snare Drum
  • Delecluse, Twelve Etudes for Snare Drum

A rudimental solo is encouraged but not required. Suggestions include:

  • Wilcoxon, Modern Rudimental Swing Solos
  • Solos by Pratt, Hurley, Markovich, Wooten, etc.

Keyboard Percussion

The applicant should prepare one two-mallet and one four-mallet keyboard percussion solo. Suggestions include:


  • Green, Rags, eg. Valse Brilliante 


  • Bach, Cello Suites                              
  • Smadbeck, Rhythm Song                            
  • Klatzow, Song for Stephanie                     
  • Miyoshi, Conversation
  • Abe, Michi
             Dream of the Cherry Blossoms


The applicant should prepare one solo or several short etudes for timpani. Suggestions include:

  • Hochrainer, Etudes for Timpani, book 1
  • Goodman, Modern Method for Tympani, roll and muffling etudes
  • Friese, Friese/Lepak Timpani Method, tuning etudes
  • Igelsrud, Soundings
  • Carter, Saeta                       


Potential jazz majors and others with experience are encouraged to demonstrate different grooves (eg. jazz, rock, Latin), but drumset is not required for concert-style performers.

The applicant may be asked to sight-read on any instrument. Students must bring all music, mallets, and a tuning fork to the audition.