Undergraduate Audition

Application Requirements

Applicants should complete the School of Music Application and upload their final audition recording to an unlisted YouTube link by February 1, 2021. Please email the unlisted YouTube link to Dr. Andrew Lynge at by the date above. 

Materials may be recorded separately but must be compiled into one video once uploaded to YouTube. 

Applicants that successfully complete the video portion of the audition will be invited to a ZOOM interview with Dr. Lynge and members of the UA Percussion Faculty in the month of February. This interview will not have a performance component. 

*If a student does not have access to large percussion instruments (marimba or timpani) because of COVID-19 this does not disqualify potential students from auditioning for the UA Percussion Studio. Please contact Dr. Andrew Lynge to discuss additional options to complete the audition.

Introductory Video

In addition to the required audition videos below, submit a one to three minute video recording on which you verbally introduce yourself and discuss your musical and non-musical interests, goals, creative or volunteer work and reasons for applying to The University of Alabama. Please include this portion of the performance video first. 

Undergraduate Auditions

Below are the audition requirements and suggested pieces/books for each percussion instrument. Original copies and/or books must be used at the audition. Please bring all necessary sticks and mallets and an A=440 tuning fork.

Snare Drum

The applicant should prepare one snare drum solo or etude in the concert and rudimental styles. 


  • Mitchell Peters, Intermediate Snare Drum Studies, Advanced Snare Drum Studies
  • Anthony Cirone, Portraits in Rhythm
  • Jacques Delecluse, Twelve Etudes for Snare Drum


  • Charley Wilcoxon, Modern Rudimental Swing Solos
  • John S. Pratt, 14 Modern Contest Solos

The applicant should perform these rudiments from the 40 PAS Rudiments in open-closed-open style. 

  • Single Stroke Roll
  • Single Stroke Seven
  • Double Stroke Roll
  • 5-stroke Roll, 17-stroke Roll
  • Paradiddle, Paradiddle-diddle, Double Paradiddle
  • Swiss Army Triplet (Right hand AND Left hand lead)
  • Flam Accent
  • Flam Tap
  • Pataflafla 

Keyboard Percussion

The applicant should prepare one two-mallet and one four-mallet keyboard solo or etude. 


  • George Hamilton Green Rags, eg. Valse Brilliante, Ragtime Robin
  • J.S. Bach, Cello Suites
  • Morris Goldenburg, Modern School for Xylophone, Marimba and Vibraphone 


  • Paul Smadbeck, Rhythm Song                             
  • Alice Gomez, Rain Dance
  • Mitchell Peters, Yellow After the Rain
  • Keiko Abe, Michi, Dream of the Cherry Blossoms

The applicant should perform all twelve major scales in two octaves. 


The applicant should prepare one solo or etude for timpani utilizing four drums. The applicant will be required to tune the timpani using an A=440 tuning fork. 

  • Hochrainer, Etudes for Timpani, book 1
  • Mitchell Peters, Fundamental Solo’s for Timpani
  • Vic Firth, The Solo Timpanist 
  • Elliot Carter, Saeta, March from Eight Pieces for Four Timpani


Potential jazz majors as well as concert percussion majors should prepare 3-5 styles on drumset. Be prepared to solo and comp. within these styles.